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1st team wins a game!!!!!

The weekend arrived, Teach had kitted out the club with sparkling lights, wife Jess was pole dancing around as she hung tinsel and decorations (rumour has it that the Richardson family Christmas will be held at the clubhouse!), mince pies were on the menu and our 1st team, the referee (none other than Gary Self) and his assessor awaited the arrival of East Dorset who had confirmed the fixture on Monday. They waited, they called to see where the East Dorset lads were, they waited some more and called again. Not a sausage, not even one wrapped in bacon! No bugger turned up nor had the common courtesy to call to say they’d not be there. Still the lads that had turned up decided to have a 10 v 10 game and, guess what – Romsey won 48-23 against, erm, Romsey! Still, a win’s a win and we can end the year on a high note. Not looking forward to the arrival of the Sandown boys though first game in January! (notice no reference to Slopes as it tends to get their backs up a bit!)


It is rumoured that rugby was played in Romsey in the late 1890’s as it was reported that ancient Salisbury RFC fixture lists of the time indicate matches against a Romsey side. (Rumours that one S. Lind was scrum-half in those early matches are, as yet, unsupported) We as a club owe much to the financial contributions of Discovery, our sponsor for the last four years. It is because of their funding that we were able to build our new stadium.

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Playing membership (ordinary senior) of Romsey RUFC is gained by payment of an annual subscription of £50.00. Payment of this subscription is necessary to play in ANY of the competitions in which the club is entered including: The Hampshire Clubs Competition The Clubs Championship The Powergen Intermediate Cup